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Construction PayrollConstruction payroll is a complex environment that forces many contractors to avoid government work or outsource processing to a third party service. But Construction Partner Payroll takes the pain out of payroll processing by simplifying and automating even your most complicated calculations.

From a single screen, record employee time, equipment hours, service work and more. (Or import your data from a spreadsheet or third party program like JobClock.) Construction Partner calculates things like taxes, union benefits, pre-tax deductions and burdens.

  • Need a Certified Payroll report with a Statement of Compliance?
  • Need a Workers' Compensation report for an audit?
  • Need a Job Costing report that includes every penny of labor spent on a task?

Just select and print. Construction Partner really makes payroll processing that easy!

Construction Partner’s Payroll Features

  • Simplifies Data Entry - Record all timecard information from a single screen or import data from spreadsheets/third party programs
  • Seamless Integration - Payroll timecard entry shares information with other Construction Partner modules such as Job Costing, Equipment Management, Service Billing and Inventory
  • Protects Sensitive Data - Security controls prohibit unauthorized users from reviewing or changing payroll information
  • Prints Multiple Employee Checks - Handles manual checks, adjustments, field payoff checks, special pay (bonus/expense reimbursement) and direct deposits
  • Use Default or Custom Employee Setups - Default pay, deduction rates, distribution codes and tax status’ are included; customized pay and deduction tables support union and non-union employees
  • Meet Complex Requirements - User-defined pay and deduction codes provide flexibility to meet special tax and insurance requirements, 401(k) plans and section 125S special pre-tax deductions
  • Supports Union/Prevailing Wage Requirements - Standard union tables define pay, deductions and fringe benefits by employee craft code; optional override makes it easy to meet prevailing wage requirements for non-union employees
  • Automatically Calculates Workers’ Comp – Workers’ Compensation and general liability tables provide automatic code selection based on employee pay rate
  • Tracks Critical Employee Data - Stay in compliance with automatic tracking of hire, re-hire, termination and birth dates, driver's license and work-permit number
  • Easy Direct Deposit Setup - Up to five direct-deposit accounts available for each paycheck; batch editing provides controls prior to bank submission
  • Review Payroll Before Printing Checks - Online review of complete calculated payroll prior to check printing reduces error
  • Detailed Payroll Registers - Displays pay/deductions for each employee with summary totals by G/L account, pay and deduction codes and tax deposits for the pay period
  • Make Prior Calendar Year Corrections - Make final W-2 adjustments, record un-posted manual checks or void checks
  • Voided Check Reverses Corresponding Entries - Easy check-voiding completely reverses posting of all paycheck distributions (including taxes and burden) in all accounting files
  • Flexible Burden Calculations - Supports several methods of calculating and posting labor burden, including actual burden; actual plus a percentage of gross pay or a percentage only
  • Supports Magnetic Media Submission – Submit state SUI quarterly reports and W-2s in MMREF format
  • Print Required Reports on Plain Paper - Print federal and state quarterly reports, W-2s and annual reconciliation forms on pre-printed forms or blank paper
  • Flexible Certified Payroll Reporting - Print reports for any prior payroll period
  • Complete Bank Reconciliation - Reconciles payroll checks, direct deposits and bank transfers
  • Robust and Flexible Standard Reports - Includes a large selection of reports to meet most agency requirements, auditing needs and payroll process control

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