Never Dread an Audit Again

Do you dread the day the auditor arrives? Although auditors are a part of your working life, the less time you spend preparing data for them, the more time you can spend managing day-to-day tasks.

Whether you’re expecting the insurance auditor, the union auditor or the government auditor, Construction Partner delivers the information you need to get the auditor out the door as fast as possible. Simply print the information requested and you’re done!

Construction Partner System Features

Integration Ensures Report Accuracy Data entered once in Construction Partner is automatically distributed to all appropriate areas of the program. During an audit, this ensures that your reporting data is both accurate and consistent.

Standard Reports with Many Options - All the reports you need for an audit are available with a few clicks of the mouse and are a standard feature of Construction Partner.

Auditor Seal of Approval - Auditors consistently tell our clients that the reports generated by Construction Partner are just what they need.

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